Do You Know How A Single-Machine Baghouse Filtration Works?

At present, the single-machine baghouse filtration which is sold in the market is also one kind of dust removal equipment, and its application is relatively wide, but many people are very vague about the working principle of this type of dust removal equipment. In this paper, the author summarizes its working principle, interviews relevant professionals, and understands the main working methods of the baghouse filtration, hoping to provide you with the corresponding reference.

Usually, smoke and dust need to enter into the filter bag through a single-machine baghouse filtration. After twice over-speeding, a simple filter can be realized at this time and the filtered clean air enters the dust removal equipment. Of course, the filtered soot is attached to the surface of the dust collection system. Therefore, in the process of airflow colliding and rotating, the relatively large particles of dust gather in the corresponding integrated box, that is, the special dust collection box. Of course, after dust removal is successful, the clean air needs to enter another collection box, where it needs to be dusted again. Through the second dust removal, some small particles of dust gather on the inner wall of the filter bag and can also achieve the corresponding separation treatment.

The clean air can return to the corresponding space with the help of centrifugal action. The heat loss is greatly reduced during this process, so the energy and power consumption is relatively low. Of course, the machine wear degree is also greatly reduced, so the service life of single-machine baghouse filtration can be guaranteed.
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