Chain conveyor

Conveyors include scraper conveyors and FU chain conveyors

According to the arrangement and structure of the chute conveyor chute, it can be divided into two kinds: parallel chain type and overlapping type. According to the number and arrangement of chain, it can be divided into single chain, double chain, double center chain and three chain.

Practical application
Scraper conveyors can be used for horizontal transport as well as for inclined transport. When tilting upwards, the dip angle of coal seam shall not exceed 25°. When transporting downwards, the dip angle shall not exceed 20°. When the dip of coal seam is large, anti-skid devices shall be installed. The flexible scraper conveyor allows 2° to 4° bending in both horizontal and vertical directions.
working principle
The working principle of the scraper conveyor is that the open chute is used as a bearing member for coal, vermiculite or materials, and the scraper is fixed on the chain (composed of a scraper chain) as a traction member. When the head drive section is started, the sprocket on the motive headshaft rotates, causing the scraper chain to cycle and move the animal material along the chute until the head of the machine is unloaded. The scraper chain bypasses the sprocket for stepless, closed-loop operation to complete the material transfer.

FU Chain Conveyor (abbreviated as "Chariot") is a new product for horizontal (or inclined 15) conveying of powdery, small-grained materials, long life, high operating reliability, energy-efficient, sealed and safe. And easy maintenance. Its use performance is obviously better than screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor and other conveying equipments. It is an ideal new type of equipment. Has been widely used in building materials, construction, chemicals, thermal power, food processing, mining, machinery, smelting, transportation, ports and transportation industries.

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