Electrostatic Dust Precipitators Brief

The electrostatic dust precipitator is a dedusting device that separates dust or droplets in gas by electrostatic force and is also called an electrostatic precipitator, an electric precipitator, and an electrostatic precipitator filter.

The working principle of electrostatic dust precipitator:
1. The electric field generated by the dust collector
2. Generation of electron charge, gas ionization
3. Electron charge is transferred to dust particles, dust charge
4. The charged dust particles in the electric field move toward the dust collecting electrode, and the dust particles are driven in.
5. The charged dust particles adhere to the surface of the collecting electrode, and the dust particles adhere.
6. Remove the dust layer from the collecting electrode and shake it off
7. The cleared dust layer falls in the ash bucket
8. Remove dust from the ash bucket and drain through the ash drain valve

After the dust falls into the ash hopper of the electrostatic dust precipitator, the dust is discharged from the ash hopper by the ash valve or the pneumatic discharge valve. In order to allow the dust to drain smoothly, the vibrating motor and the ash discharging valve must be installed on the hopper. Loosen the dust with the rapping motor, discharge the dust with the ash discharge valve and transport it away with the dust conveying system or the tube screw conveyor.

electrostatic dust precipitator
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