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Bag filter manufacturers teach you how to cool the dust collector

The bag filter manufacturers teach you how to reduce the temperature of the dust collector. The design of the air jet-type pulse bag dust collector used for the forward jet flow, that is, the air flow will be entered by the upper box of the dust collector, and then the net gas from the lower box Discharge in the header. The direction of the flow is consistent with the direction of the pulse jet. The purified air will not pass through the throat, greatly reducing the resistance of the entire filter, reducing the fan load, saving A power consumption is also conducive to the settlement of dust.

The bag filter factory tells you that because the smoke temperature can reach as high as 55 degrees Celsius, the bag filter is not accustomed to this working environment, so it is necessary to use the three methods of cooling the dust collector. In the bag filter, A gas cooler machine can also be provided which assists in lowering a temperature in the air.

The bag filter can be installed with a valve that can cool the air at high temperature. The main function of this cool air valve is to prevent some high-temperature smoke from entering the interior of the dust collector. It is a function of conditioning, one end of which is It is to connect with the high-temperature pipeline, and the other end is to be connected with the atmosphere. Before using the bag filter to remove dust, it is best to install these devices, so that the functional efficiency of the dust collector can be a very good development. It will not damage or damage the dust collector due to unacceptably high temperature. It can be mixed with some relatively low-temperature flue gas. If the temperature of the gas in the dust collector is not the same, the best way is to put a part of the low-temperature gas first. Mixed into the high-temperature flue gas, so that you can mix gas so that the temperature in the bag filter cannot be so high.
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