Baghouse in Cement Plant

Most of the cement industry uses baghouse filters.

Large-scale baghouse filter technology has attracted the recognition and attention of domestic cement workers. Today, cement kiln tail baghouse filter has been widely used.
Objectively speaking, both the electrostatic precipitator and the baghouse filter have high dust-collecting effect. As long as the design is selected correctly, the product quality is good, and the maintenance operation is reasonable, the national emission standards can be guaranteed. In comparison, due to the difference in equipment structure and dust removal and cleaning mechanism, when the kiln condition is unstable and the thermal parameters deviate from the original design index, the adaptability of the bag filter is stronger.

The baghouse filter can capture fine dust.

With the development of the filter material industry, new products have been continuously discovered, and it has been chosen to meet the filter material for capturing fine dust, which greatly improves the dust removal efficiency.

Adaptability to environmental protection requirements.

As people's requirements for the quality of the living environment continue to improve, the government will inevitably gradually improve environmental standards according to national conditions. At present, the electrostatic precipitator has to further reduce the concentration of the outlet technology. Only by increasing the area of the sediment plate to improve the efficiency of dust capture can we reduce the a mount of emissions. This will inevitably increase the size and investment of the equipment, and China baghouse can meet the new emission requirements simply by adjusting the cleaning frequency.

Operation and maintenance are simple and reliable.

During the operation of cement kiln, when the kiln is opened or the abnormal kiln condition is treated, when the fuel quantity is increased, the air volume is insufficient, or the fuel and air are not mixed uniformly, when the kiln temperature is too low to make the fuel burn incomplete, it is often possible. A large amount of CO combustible gas is produced. And too much unburned pulverized coal powder is deposited in the baghouse filter. In addition, most kiln bag dust collectors operate under negative pressure and leak air into the tight piping of the equipment. Whether it is an electrostatic precipitator or a baghouse filter, if there are two kinds of conditions in the machine (ie, there are combustible substances and combustion-supporting oxygen in the machine), once there is an open flame, there is also a blast. For an electrostatic precipitator, a discharge spark due to a high-voltage electric field will excite its blast, which is more likely to ignite. Therefore, the kiln tail must be equipped with a CO and oxygen analyzer to ensure the safe operation of the electrostatic precipitator. For the baghouse filter, the safety of the electrostatic precipitator is greater because it does not have the condition of generating open flame. It is not necessary to add strictness to its control requirements, so its operation is relatively simple and reliable.
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