Performance Characteristics and Installation Notice of Boiler Dust Collector

Ⅰ. What are the performance characteristics of the boiler dust collector?

Boiler dust collectors have superior performance. Some users have no idea of the performance characteristics. Now Senotay will introduce the main performance characteristics of boiler dust collectors for you.

1. High reliability. It can ensure long-term stable operation of the boiler dust collector with the main engine, without long-term maintenance by employees.

2. High applicability. The boiler dust collector can adapt to a wide range of fluctuations in the nature of dust-containing gas and can meet strict environmental protection requirements.

3. Optimized inlet and outlet air duct. It is conducive to even airflow distribution.

4. Anti-leakage design. It ensures that the air leakage rate of the boiler dust collector is reduced to a low level.

5. All-steel split structure. It is convenient for the transportation and installation of the boiler dust collector and can ensure the manufacturing accuracy of the boiler dust collector.

6. Separate pulse three-state dust removal technology. It guarantees good dust removal intensity and effect.

7. Self-cleaning system at shutdown. It ensures that the boiler dust collector is always in good working condition.

8. The use of high-quality parts and components. It improves the operational reliability of the boiler dust collector.

9. All high-quality filter bags and accessories. The average life of filter bags generally exceeds 18 months.

10. Low operating costs and optimized process parameter design. The two features are conducive to the low energy efficiency and stable operation of the boiler dust collector. In addition to reducing energy consumption, it can also reduce the loss and maintenance of filter bags.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions for installing the boiler dust collector?

The installation of the boiler dust collector is generally done by professionals dispatched by the manufacturer. Some tips should be paid attention to during the installation. The followings need to notice when the professional manufacturer installs the boiler dust collector. If these matters can be done, the operation can be very smooth.

The prerequisite for determining the power and capacity of the boiler dust collector is the amount of volume that can be purified in a unit time. Because when selecting, the power of the equipment should be greater than the usual amount, so as to meet the emission requirement in the subsequent dust removal process.

In actual use, the temperature that the filter bag of the boiler dust collector can withstand should not be higher than the temperature that the filter bag of the boiler dust collector can withstand. In terms of the filter bag, the temperature of the gas dew point should be taken into consideration. Therefore, if the gas is lower than the dew point temperature, the temperature during operation can be appropriately increased. When the gas is higher than the use temperature, the temperature should be lowered. The level of this temperature can be controlled by external equipment.

In terms of the life cycle of the boiler dust collector, according to the needs of the work, choose the machine with the appropriate operating cycle, or choose the filtering speed of the dust through the dust bag, or choose from the operating environment of the boiler dust collector. If in the explosive and flammable place, we should choose the appropriate type of the manufacturer.

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