Dust Humidifier

Dust humidifiers are mainly used in ash storage in thermal power plants, steel mills, iron smelters, chemical plants, and other departments to spray ash for wet mixing and conveying powders. The machine is used to evenly stir and convey the powdered material to achieve dust-free conveying requirements. Dust humidifiers are also suitable for humidification, agitation, and transportation of solids-containing materials such as chemicals and mines.

  • Applications: Thermal power plants, steel mills, etc.
  • Features: high mixing efficiency, tight system sealing, etc.
  • working principle: The two sets of spiral vane machines evenly feed into the main machine, and the dry ash powder material entering the mixing tank/stirring tank is forcibly mixed and agitated by the water quantitatively supplied by the water supply device, and at the same time, the materials meeting the humidity requirements are delivered to the discharging material. The mouth is discharged to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust.
  • Features: The advantage of the double-shaft structure of the dust humidifier is high stirring efficiency, tight system sealing, and no fly ash lifting. The speed reducer has a compact structure, a small footprint, smooth transmission, low noise, even mixing, good blade wear resistance, convenient operation, and maintenance, reliable operation, high wear-resistant manganese steel blade structure, equipment life is longer than traditional equipment, more durable.
  • Requirements: Before the dust humidifier starts, it must carefully check whether all parts are complete, whether the fasteners are tightened, and whether the sealing parts are tight. 2. Inject the No. 30 or No. 40 mechanical oil into the reducer before putting it into normal operation. 3. The dust humidifier should stop feeding when the feeding, water supply, and shutdown are performed after the start-up operation is normal, and the standby material is unloaded and then stopped. 4. When the motor load suddenly increases or decreases during operation, an abnormality in the mechanical system must be checked immediately to eliminate the malfunction.

The use of dust humidifier:

The use of dust humidifiers requires certain steps to be carried out in an orderly manner:
  • The machine should be stopped before starting normal operation before feeding, water supply, or shutdown.
  • Before starting, you must check carefully whether all the parts are complete, whether the fasteners are tightened, and whether the sealing parts are tight.
  • Inject the mechanical oil of No. 30 or No. 40 into the reducer. The user can also select the appropriate lubricant according to local conditions before putting into normal operation.

Dust humidifier equipment features:

The whole machine has the characteristics of compact structure, good overall performance, advanced technology, reasonable process, high reliability, good sealing performance, a small amount of water, adjustable wear, a large amount of processing, long service life, continuous operation, and low failure rate.

Installation Notes:

  • The dust humidifier should be installed on the concrete foundation, and the allowable horizontal and vertical level tolerance of the fuselage is 0.6;
  • Inspect the integrity of the parts and thoroughly clean; correct the misaligned position and adjust the bearing clearance.
  • Check whether there is lubricant in the bearing. If there is grease deterioration, it should be replaced.
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