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A screw conveyor is a machine that uses a motor to drive a spiral turn and move the material to achieve the purpose of conveying. It can be transported horizontally, obliquely or vertically, and has the advantages of simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing performance, convenient operation, easy maintenance and convenient closed transportation. The working principle of the screw conveyor is that the rotating spiral blade conveys the material and carries the screw conveyor so that the force of the material not rotating together with the screw conveyor blade is the weight of the material itself and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The spiral blade is welded to the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor. The shape of the blade has a solid surface type, a belt surface type, a blade surface type and the like depending on the material to be conveyed.

screw conveyor

The screw conveyor has the following characteristics

1. The structure is relatively simple and the cost is low.
2. Reliable work and easy maintenance and management.
3. Compact size. The section size is small and the floor space is small. It is easy to enter and exit hatches and compartments during unloading and unloading operations at ports.
4. It can achieve sealed delivery, is conducive to the transport of easy to fly, hot and irritating materials, can reduce environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of port workers.
5. Loading and unloading are convenient. The horizontal screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded at any point on its conveying line; the vertical screw conveyor can be equipped with a relatively high retracting performance with respect to the screw feeder.
6. It can be transported in reverse direction, and it can also make a conveyor convey materials in two directions at the same time, that is, to the center or away from the center.
7. The unit energy consumption is large.
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