Industrial Dust Collectors

Our proven, high-performance industrial vacuum dust collector for sale are available in a variety of models and have the features to withstand your harsh manufacturing environment. Whether it's your first industrial dust collector or an upgrade to your current system, our team will assist in selecting the perfect system for you.
As one of the mature industrial dust collector manufacturers, we have been providing the most advanced and reliable dustcollectors and filters with rich experience. The pairing of these industry-leading indoor/outdoor dust collectors and filters helps improve manufacturing efficiency and provides a cleaner environment for employees.

Types of Industrial Dust Collector For Sale

As one of the experienced dust collector companies/manufacturers, Senotay offers cheap dust collector for sale at a competitive prcie. Check below to get more about our electric high capacity dust collector!
Baghouse Filter
Bag filter is the use of new bagged filter media to capture dust in dust gas dry dust removal equipment, bag filter dust removal performance from the dust concentration of dust sources. It is widely used in industrial production and processing fields such as steel and machinery industry.
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Dust Collector
The working principle of the electrostatic precipitator is to use a high-voltage electric field to ionize the flue gas. It has a direct effect on the dust removal efficiency.
Industrial Cyclone Dust Separation Collector
Cyclone dust collector is a type of dust removal device. Each component of the cyclone dust collector has a certain size ratio. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

SENOTAY- Professional Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturer

In industrial processes, airborne dust and fine particles can be harmful to human health, so they should be removed before they reach the breathing zone in the body.
In order to handle these industrial work process wastes safely and efficiently, Senotay have developed a range of products and mobile dust collection system based on high flow dust collector, filtration solutions, extraction arms, ducts/pipes, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems. In addition to achieving a good working environment, these systems enable customers to recycle the scrap from industrial work processes, which has a great economic value. When converted into pellets, the waste product can be used for energy production or sold as energy.
Proudly made in China, we offer a wide selection of mobile dust collector including pulse bag filter, cyclone dust collector etc. As a professional dust collection system manufacturer, our dust collector designs incorporate unique features to help our customers maintain and repair their equipment as economically as possible.
Our industrial dust collectors use cross-flow technology and a unique baffle configuration to produce a uniform airflow that extends the life of the filter. Cartridges last longer and are replaced less often, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. 

Dust Collector Maintenance

Industrial dust collector needs to be maintained during use. They cannot be used in an unlimited amount. Just like cars, all types of dust collectors must be maintained regularly. There are many precautions when using industrial dust collectors. Blind use without dust collector maintenance will lead to very serious consequences, resulting in the shortening of the service life of industrial vacuum dust collectors. Therefore, the power cord needs to be pulled out when in use, and it must be pulled long enough. If you see a yellow or red mark during the pulling process, you should stop pulling it out. Under normal circumstances, industrial dust collector is not suggested to work continuously for more than 6 hours, otherwise the motor will burn out due to overheating.
In addition, when using an ordinary industrial micro dust collector outside, it should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the environment in which it is used, and the altitude cannot be above 1,000 meters, and the environment should be kept in a ventilated state. And if you need to clean some large paper balls, you need to deal with the paper balls in time, otherwise it will cause the straws of the electric dust collector to be blocked. When industrial dust collectors absorb liquid substances, remove the filter element and pay attention to draining the liquid in time.
Only regular dust collector maintenance can increase the life of the dust collector.

SENOTAY Dustcollectors FAQs

What Does A Dust Collector Do?
The electrostatic dust collector is the equipment to separate industrial dust from flue gas, which is widely used in the recycling and reuse of dust purification body and dust-containing gas in workshops in metallurgy, mining, building materials, foundry, chemical industry, tobacco, electronics, asphalt, cement, machinery, food, mechanical processing, boilers, flour production and other industries.
How Do Dust Collectors Work?
The working principle of industrial dust collector is a filtering process and a cleaning process.
1. the filtration process: bag filter filtration process is mainly done by the filter bag, the new filter bag in the early operation of the main capture more than 1 micron dust capture mechanism is the role of inertia, screening, shielding effect, Electrostatic precipitation or gravity sedimentation, the filtration process for some time after the formation of a dust layer in the filter bag, dust layer and the three-dimensional pore structure of the filter bag can capture more fine dust, bag filter can handle the gas The dust concentration is 0.5-100 g/m3.
2. the cleaning process: cleaning by pulse controller or PLC control pulse valve opening and closing, when the pulse valve is opened, the air bag compressed air through the injection valve through the small hole on the mouth of the filter A high-speed and high-pressure ejecting airflow forms an induced airflow equivalent to several times the volume of the ejecting airflow into the filter bag to make the filter bag instantly positive pressure and rapidly expand so that the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag drops off Into the ash bucket, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
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