Social Responsibility

First of all, our company should assume and fulfill its economic responsibilities, in order to greatly enrich the material life of the people and play its due role for the rapid and stable development of the national economy. The most direct way is to make profits, expand sales as much as possible, reduce costs, make correct decisions, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders.

Second, our company has set an example in compliance with laws and regulations and complied with all laws and regulations, including environmental protection law, consumer rights law, and labor protection law. Complete all contractual obligations, take the lead in business integrity, legal operations, acceptance of warranty promises. Drive the employees of the company and the community where the company is located to jointly observe the law and establish a society ruled by law.

Third, ethical responsibility is the expectation of the society for the company. As one of the professional dust extraction system manufacturers, our company should strive to make the society not suffer the negative influence of its own operations, products, and services. Accelerate the upgrading of industrial technology and optimize the industrial structure, vigorously develop green enterprises, increase the ability of enterprises to absorb employment, and fulfill due responsibility for environmental protection and social stability.

Finally, it is the corporate charity responsibility. An important task in building a harmonious society at this stage is to vigorously develop social undertakings. The development of such undertakings as education, healthcare, and social security is directly related to the immediate interests of the people and directly determines whether the society is stable or not, and whether it is harmonious or not. Many places in the development of social undertakings are underinvested or unable to invest. This requires the mobilization of all capital that can be mobilized. Enterprises should give full play to their capital advantages and contribute to the development of social undertakings and to becoming a good corporate citizen. Support the development of projects such as community education, support for health, humanistic care, culture and art, and urban construction, help the community to improve the public environment, and voluntarily work for the community
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