Why Buy Cyclone Type Dust Collector from China Manufacturer?

The principle of the cyclone type dust collector is to use a rotating airflow to generate centrifugal force from the dust to separate it from the airflow. The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small occupied area, low cost, convenient maintenance, high temperature and high-pressure resistance, and is suitable for dust with a very high concentration.

The boiler multi-cyclone and multi-cyclone are only a member of cyclone type dust collector.

How the cyclone type dust collector works

The cyclone dust collector is composed of a cylinder body, a cone, an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, and an ash discharge chamber. The working process of the cyclone is: when the dust-containing gas enters the cyclone from the tangential inlet, the airflow will change from linear motion to circular motion. Most of the swirling airflow flows spirally downward from the cylinder toward the cone. This is called this the external swirling airflow. The dust-containing gas generates centrifugal force during the rotation process, and the dust particles having a relative density greater than that of the gas are deflected toward the wall. Once the dust particles come into contact with the wall, they lose the radial inertial force and fall down the wall with the downward momentum and downward gravity, entering the ash discharge pipe. When the rotating external swirling gas reaches the cone, it is brought closer to the center of the dust collector due to the constriction of the conical shape. According to the principle of "rotational moment", the tangential speed is continuously increased, and the centrifugal force of the dust particles is also continuously strengthened. When the airflow reaches a certain position at the lower end of the cone, the spiral direction is continued from the middle of the cyclone in the same direction of rotation, and the spiral flow is continued. Finally, the purified gas is discharged outside the exhaust pipe through the exhaust pipe, and a part of the unrecovered dust particles are also discharged therefrom.

cyclone type dust collector
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