Needle Felt Filter Bags

Needle Felt Filter Bags

Needle felt filter bag is the key part of bag filter operation, the fabric and design of our needle felt filter bags try to pursue high efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect.
Needle felt fiberglass filter bags have the advantages of high void space, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life, which are unique to common felted filter cloth. The temperature resistance grade of polyester needle felt filter bags is moderate, instantly up to 150℃, acid and alkali resistance is moderate, and these needle felt filter bags have very good wear resistance.
Anti-Static Polyester Needle Felt Bag
Anti-static dust bag is currently ideal dust filter material, with good ventilation energy, high dust removal efficiency, and a certain degree of acid, alkali and heat resistance, weaving process uses...
Film-Covered Needle Felt Bag
Film-covered polyester needled felt bag filter is made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) microporous filter membranes on various substrates (such as polyester felt, PET, PP, etc.) Spinning ...
Water-Repellent And Oil-Proof Polyester Needle Felt Cloth Bag
Water-repellent and oil-repellent polyester needle-punched felt contain many moisture and oily and dust-absorbing and deliquescent dust in the dust during the operation of the bag filter. It may gener...
Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Bag
Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Bag description:Material: AcrylicCommonly used industries and conditions: for detergent, waste incineration, asphalt, spray dryer, coal mill, power plant desulfurization and o...
Meytas Needle Filter Mat
Product description:Material: NomexCommon industries and conditions: for asphalt mixing, non-ferrous metal smelting, ceramics, glass, cement industry kiln (grate cooler), steel blast furnace gas and ...

Why Choose Senotay Needle Felt Filter Bag?

Senotay needle felt filter bags completely avoid unfiltered liquid bypass, thus avoiding the benefits of welded seams. What's more, senotay can apply a fiber-free treatment to the edges of the needle felt filter bag, thus ensuring no fiber shedding during filtration.

All needle felt filter bags of Senotay, a professional dust collector filter bags manufacturer, are needled into a thin and relatively dense structure, and you can also choose from a variety of connection options to suit different installation conditions.

Contact us now to explore the full range of customizable needle felt filter bags for your application and get a quick quote!

Needle Felt Filter Bags Features

Needle felt filter bag's tightly bonded construction and felted media outer surface treatment prevents loose fibers and downstream migration.
Hot-fusion seamless welding technology ensures no bypass.
Needle felt filter bags are suitable for low to medium viscosity liquids with high flow rates.
Needle felt filter bags are high quality polyester and polypropylene felted media.
Polyester retaining ring seals on needle felt filter bags are durable and can withstand higher temperatures.

Needle Felt Filter Bags Applications

Needle felt filter bags are a silicon-free, cost-effective alternative to cartridges. The polyester needle felt filter bags are used in many industrial processes, from pre-filtration and nozzle protection to chemical bath or heating circuit cleaning, maximizing product quality and minimizing scrap rates. Needle felt filter bag media traps particles throughout the filter depth, providing high loading rates for both non-deformable and deformable particles. This feature makes these needle felt fiberglass filter bags excellent choice for many applications which can be found in industries such as chemicals, coatings & inks, coolants, food & beverage, pharmaceutical etc.

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