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Manual plug valves are also known as manual knife gate valves. The principle is that a circular opening with a diameter is opened on the gate, and the opening and closing of the shutter make the circular opening on the gate completely disengage and match. The advantage of this valve is that the valve body has no grooves, the medium is not blocked, and has full-diameter circulation characteristics. The sealing structure can be divided into a soft seal and a hard seal structure. During the closing and opening process, the valve seat and the ram are always in close motion, which makes the valve opening and closing force stable and has the characteristics of cutting off the medium. The valve mechanism is advanced, the quality is reliable, the operation is flexible, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient. It is made of high-quality carbon steel and has high strength, long performance and long service life. The gate change valve is mainly composed of frames, gates, DDT electric pushrods, cylinders and other spare parts.

The electric plug valve is driven by a motor drive or a motor-driven chain gear opening and closing plug valve.

The pneumatic plug valve is an economical control valve consisting of a long stroke cylinder and a plug valve. The plug valve features a unique hard seal and points joint structure. The traditional plug valve has a breakthrough. It has a long service life and is wear resistant. The valve outlet is fully open, without slurry and impurities, which solves the defect that the traditional plug valve is easy to be stuck.

plug valves

plug valves

plug valves
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