YJD Unloader

YJD Unloader
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The star unloader is used at the discharge port of the unloader working under negative pressure. The upper part receives the material discharged by the unloader, and the rotating impeller acts as a conveying material and is also responsible for sealing to prevent the discharge. During the pneumatic conveying process, air is sucked from the discharge opening to ensure that the normal discharge of the unloader serves as a special unloading equipment and plays a significant role in the cleaning and cleaning work.

YJD Unloader working principle:

  • The star unloader is commonly used in the pneumatic output system. For the pressure output system or the negative pressure output system, the star unloader can feed the feeding pipe evenly and continuously. In order to ensure that the gas and solids in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, the pneumatic transmission can work normally, and at the same time, the gas pressure of the upper and lower parts of the unloader can be cut off to function as a gas lock. Therefore, the star unloader is an important component commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems.
  • When the material in the upper silo falls by its own weight and fills in the gap between the blades, it is discharged in the lower part as the blades rotate. Therefore, the star unloader can discharge quantitatively and continuously.
  • The star unloader can be used in the collection of material systems, as a hopper discharge device. The star unloader is currently the most advanced unloading device in the country and is often used as one of the important equipments of the dedusting system in the dedusting system. It is particularly suitable for dust, small particle materials, and is preferred by engineering projects in the industrial sectors such as environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical engineering, grain, cement, road construction, and drying equipment.
  • Temperature-resistant type The temperature of the material it transports up to 280 °C Both ends of the bearing and the impeller are isolated, to prevent contact with the ultra-fine powder and the bearing. High-temperature unloader conveying material temperature up to 500 °C, using sprocket connection. Reducer and unloader housing have a certain distance.

Star unloader composition and alias:

The star discharge structure is usually composed of a rotor blade with several blades, a housing, a seal and a speed reducer, an electric motor, etc. The star unloader is also called a rotary feeder, a lock valve, and a star discharge type. Valves, star feeders, etc.

Star unloader application:

The star unloader can be used in the collection material system as a hopper unloader. The star unloader is currently the most advanced unloading device in the country. It is commonly used in dedusting systems as one of the important equipment of the dedusting system. Especially suitable for dust, small particles of materials by the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial engineering projects choose to use.

Star unloader features:

  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use.
  • Smooth operation, low noise.
  • Due to the bearing, the gearbox leaves the shell a distance, for high temperatures, lubrication has been greatly improved.
  • Can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.
  • Before the product is shipped out of the factory, special grease for the cycloidal speed reducer is used. Check the fuel regularly. Star feeders are commonly used in pneumatic output systems. For pressure output systems or negative pressure output systems, the star unloader feeds the feed pipe evenly and continuously to ensure that the gas in the pneumatic output pipe is relatively stable. Therefore, the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and at the same time, the upper and lower air pressure of the unloader can be shut off to lock the air. Therefore, the star unloader is commonly used in the pneumatic conveying system.

Classification of YJD Unloader:

Star unloaders are divided into three types: ordinary type, pressure type, and high-temperature resistant type.
Ordinary type: It can be used in normal materials below 80 degrees and normal temperature. It can continuously and uniformly feed material into the feeding pipe. In the system and separating dust collecting part, it can also function as an unloader.

Pressure resistant type: It adopts a closed type rotor, which can be widely used in suction type, pressure feeding type air flow conveying system and negative pressure conveying equipment. It can ensure that the air pressure in the conveying pipe does not leak and can safely transport and close the materials, so in this regard as 10,000 lock gas machine, it can not only withstand pressure but also have common features.

High-temperature resistant type: According to the temperature rise of the material conveying and the feeding port, the temperature has an influence on the expansion of the body, and it is disadvantageous to the bearing and the oil sealing system.

Application scope of YJD Unloader:

The star unloader device is the main equipment for the dedusting equipment ash discharge, air supply, and other equipment feedings. The star unloader is suitable for powdery materials and granular materials. For the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food, food and other industrial sectors widely used.

Star unloaders (also known as rigid wheel feeders, star feeders, airlocks, rotary feeders, etc.) are widely used as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other departments as dust for various types of dust removal equipment. Bucket unloading device, which depends on the gravitational effect of the material and the forcible action of the feeder's working mechanism, discharges the material in the bin and feeds it continuously and uniformly to the next device. It can also be used as a variety of grinding machines, drying The unloading device for machines, hoppers and other equipment is suitable for drying powdery and small-sized materials. According to the required unloading capacity, there are various models of unloading ash valve. The minimum is YJD-02. The commonly used is YJD- Type 06 and Type YJD-16.

The unloading device is divided into three parts: motor, cycloid deceleration, and dragon-type unloading valve.
  • By adopting the principle of planetary rotation, the input and output shafts are on the same axis, and they have the uniqueness of being directly integrated with the motor. Therefore, the structure is compact, attractive, novel, small in size and light in weight.
  • Superior sealing performance, uniform feed stability, smooth unloading operation, low noise, low failures, long service life, and high wear resistance.
  • Bearing, gearbox, away from the valve body, to avoid the impact of high-temperature dust, the front and rear end caps have good sealing performance, prevent the leakage of dust, and extend the service life of the motorized parts and the lubrication system.
  • Strong overload capacity, low impact inertia force, suitable for frequent start and reverse rotation.
  • According to the needs of the user to configure special motors, such as explosion-proof, FM, speed, marine motors, etc., to meet the special requirements of users. In the material can also be based on user needs special processing, such as high temperature, corrosion resistance, stainless steel, flexible blades, explosion-proof impeller.

Notes of YJD Unloader:
  • Before using the star unloader, check the amount of oil in the reducer and the type of oil. After one month of operation, replace the new oil and change the oil once a year.
  • Connect the gas source interface, check whether the interface is blocked by foreign matter, and ensure that the interface is clean and smooth;
  • Before using the star unloader, make sure that the rotation direction of the rotor is clockwise (view from the reducer out of the shaft end, which is consistent with the arrow on the sprocket cover);
  • Before using the star unloader, open the sprocket cover to check the tension of the chain. During the operation, check the chain regularly; at the same time, apply the appropriate grease to the chain and sprocket;
  • During the entire use of the unloader, it is advisable to adjust the pressure reducing valve so that the pressure at the seal is greater than the material pressure in the valve body of 0.05 MPa. The gas is oil-free and dry compressed air.
  • During the entire use of the star unloader, the gas source at the seal is always present, and the gas source can only be turned off after it is confirmed that the valve is out of service;

Common problems and failures of YJD Unloader:
  • During the transportation and installation process, the star unloader should maintain stability, avoid collisions, and even cause the shell to break and deform.
  • The machine has been injected with lubricant oil No. 0 grease before leaving the factory. The unloading valve has been filled with lithium grease. Within 6-10 months after use, the transmission and bearing components should be replaced or replaced with grease. If the ambient temperature is high, humidity or excessive dust in the air, the oil change time should be appropriately shortened.
  • In the course of use, such as leakage of equipment along the axial leakage, ash and other phenomena, you can sturdy material cover.
  • During the operation process, avoid overload operation of the equipment due to large particle size and strong adhesive force, or device jamming or motor short-circuit caused by foreign trades in the dust collector, resulting in equipment or damage. It is recommended that users promptly check and install the equipment. Overload protection device.
  • The machine is suitable for continuous work system, allowing forward and reverse operation.
  • When the unloader output shaft and the input shaft and other parts and accessories are not directly, hammered to prevent damage.
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