Job Offers

Due to the needs of business development, the company specializes in recruiting talents for common development:

First, foreign trade business leader 1
1. Job responsibilities:
(1) Use Alibaba and other B2B platforms to find target customers globally;
(2) Maintain customer information, track the entire order process and later work.

2. Professional requirements:
(1) Work experience with foreign trade business or business assistant/documentary for more than 1 year;
(2) Fluent in speaking and writing in English, more than six in college English, familiar with the operation process of foreign trade business;
(3) Extensive information resources, certain experience or experience in developing customers; Proficient in the operation of the B2B platform;
(4) Interested in challenging work, positive work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, and a certain team
Cooperative spirit and good interpersonal communication experience.

Second, 2 network sales executives
1. Job responsibilities:
(1) loves the sales industry and has 3 years of network sales experience;

2. Professional requirements:
(1) College degree or above, aged 25-35;
(2) computer related professional, familiar with Word and Excel and other office software, with the ability to handle large quantities of data;
(3) Strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and exchange.

Third, 6 online sales
(1) Ms., secondary school education or above, good at communication;
(2) Understand computers, love sales, work with serious attitudes, and have good team spirit.
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