Pulse Bag Filter Maintenance Method

As people's understanding of dust gradually deepens, many manufacturers will do a good job of dust protection before production, pulse bag filter has become the first choice for many manufacturers. After the precipitator is installed, it needs to be debugged. After the completion of the precipitator, it is determined that the precipitator can operate normally. At this time, professional maintenance and management personnel are required, employees need to be started for maintenance and management, and an operation and management system needs to be established. If the dust remover is used improperly, even the best dust remover can hardly exert its effect, which will shorten the service life of the dust remover.

Bag filter

When the pulse bag filter is put into production, it is necessary to explain to the full-time maintenance personnel the important role of maintenance, so that the maintainer knows that it plays an important role in the maintenance of the dust collector. Only the maintainer knows the role of maintenance before he can manage and maintain it. When you do a good job of work, you can let the dust collector play its best role. Although the selection of the dust collector plays an extremely important role, it also needs to be strictly in accordance with the operating requirements, so that the dust collector is in the best working condition. This can not only achieve a good dust removal effect, but also can extend the use of the dust collector. life.

In order to allow pulsed bag filter to play its best role, the personnel responsible for the operation and management of the dust collector need to undergo professional training. These professional operation and management personnel need to not only be familiar with the relevant data of the dust collector, but also need to The various instruments of the instrument are familiar with it. When it is found that the data is abnormal, it is necessary to know that there is a problem with the dust collector, and it is necessary to maintain the dust remover in time. In order to allow the dust collector to play its full role, it is usually necessary to maintain and clean the dust collector.
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