Warranty Policy

Hebei Outai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has a sound product after-sale technical service system. There are strict measures and strong technical force in the after-sales service of products, which can guarantee where the dust removal products go and where the service teams go. To meet the various requirements of users for product technical services to the greatest extent possible. Moreover, the company has established strong sales networks and offices throughout the country. This includes not only providing you with advanced design solutions, quality products, and preferential prices but also providing good technical support and after-sales services. Without knowing your needs and satisfaction, our work will not have any breaks.

Hebei Outai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. pre-sale service commitment:
1. Provide special needs product design, manufacture, to meet the individual needs of customers.
2. The company arranges production and shipment strictly in accordance with the contract and guarantees that it will be available at the time specified in the contract.

Hebei Outai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Service Commitment:
1. For the products sold, if there are problems caused by the manufacturing quality of the products, the factory will repair them; for the problems caused by other reasons, the factory will actively assist the users to solve the problems to ensure that the products are put into operation in time and minimize the accident losses.
2. Installation and commissioning of major equipment, on-site technical services The technical experts headed by the deputy chief engineer bring their own teams to the door to solve various problems for the users. The key project was assigned to the site representative.
3, after the company's products arrive at your place, the technical staff will be responsible for assisting with the guidance of installation, commissioning and other work.
4, actively cooperate with users to do a good job of product on-site operation and maintenance management, can provide users with spare parts and accessories at a cost price.
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