DMF-Y Submerged Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

DMF-Y Submerged Electromagnetic Pulse Valve
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DMF-Y Submerged Electromagnetic Pulse Valves The world's most widely used pulse valve production line. Electromagnetic pulse valves play an important role in the pulsed precipitator jetting effect. It is the compressed air of pulse bag filter dust cleaning system. "Switch", controlled by the output signal of the pulse jet control instrument, cleans the filter bag row by row (room), keeping the resistance of the filter within the set range, so as to ensure the processing capacity of the filter and Dust collection efficiency. The working condition of the electromagnetic pulse valve is when using, the previous environmental conditions are very important, which relates to the electromagnetic pulse valve cannot normally run smoothly.

Environmental conditions of DMF-Y Submerged Electromagnetic Pulse Valve:

  • According to the type of power supply, respectively choose AC and DC solenoid valve. In general, AC power is easy to use.
  • The use of corrosion resistance in aggressive or explosive environments should be based on safety requirements.
  • If the environmental space is limited, please use multi-function solenoid valve, because it eliminates the bypass and three manual valves and easy online maintenance.
  • The power supply voltage fluctuations usually choose +% 10% -15% AC, DC allows ±% 10 or so, if the poor, you must take the regulator or make special orders.
  • The maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range. If there is any excess error, special ordering is required.
  • Electromagnetic pulse valve power conditions
  • The environment often has vibration, bumps, and impact and other occasions should be selected special varieties, such as the marine electromagnetic valve.
  • Voltage specifications use as much as possible preferred AC220V.DC24V.
  • The environment of high relative humidity and there are occasions such as water and rain, should choose waterproof solenoid valve.
  • The rated current and power consumption should be selected according to the capacity of the power supply. It should be noted that the VA value at the time of AC start is high, and the indirect conducted electromagnetic valve should be preferred when the capacity is insufficient.

working principle of DMF-Y Submerged Electromagnetic Pulse Valve:

The electrical signal of the pulse jet controller drives the moving iron core of the electromagnetic pilot head to open the vent hole of the rear air chamber, and the rear chamber quickly loses pressure to move the diaphragm backwards, and the compressed air is injected through the output end of the valve to make the electromagnetic pulse The valve opens. The electric signal of the pulse jet control instrument is terminated. The moving iron core of the electromagnetic pilot head returns to the air chamber vent hole after sealing, and the pressure of the rear air chamber quickly rises, so that the diaphragm seals the output end of the valve again, and the electromagnetic pulse valve is closed.
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