Dust Conveying System

Dust conveying system includes unloaders, bucket elevators, dust humidifiers, conveyors, ash discharge valves.

How dust conveying system works

The dust removed by the dust collector is first discharged to the scraper conveyor through the dust discharging valve, and then the dust is sent to the lower part of the bucket elevator. The dust is lifted to a certain height by a bucket elevator and discharged to a storage ash tank. The dust accumulated in the storage tank is removed from the processing vehicle by a certain height. In order to avoid dust flying, the dust can be sprayed with a dust humidifier and then taken away by the processing vehicle.
XLD unloader, also known as electric unloading valve, electric air lock, this device is the dust removal equipment, conveying, ash discharge, wind lock and other equipment feeding the main equipment, suitable for powder materials, materials and materials. The installation size of XLD unloader is consistent with various dust collectors and is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food, chemical and other industrial sectors.

The bucket elevator has the advantages of large conveying volume, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, and long life. Its main performance and parameters conform to JB3926----85 “Vertical Bucket Elevator” (this standard is equivalent to the international standard. And advanced foreign standards), traction ring chain in line with MT36 --- 80 "high-strength ring chain for mine", the hoist is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small block-free grinding and grinding properties Small materials, such as coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore, etc., because the traction mechanism of the hoist is an endless chain, it allows the delivery of higher temperature materials (material temperature does not exceed 250 °C). The maximum conveying height is up to 40 meters. TG type up to 80 meters.
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