Dust Conveying System

Senotay Dust Conveying System is popularized by the characteristics of easy to use, hygienic, dust-free environment, fast transfer and high quality control.

Dust Conveying System for Sale

Senotay is one of the reliable conveyor equipment manufacturers which offers top-quality dust conveying system including unloaders, bucket elevators, dust humidifiers, conveyors, ash discharge valves. Check below to get more information.
Electric unloading valve is the dust removal equipment, conveying, ash discharge, wind lock and other equipment feeding the main equipment.
Industrial Bucket Elevator
The bucket elevator has the advantages of large conveying volume, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, and long life. Its main performance. 
Dust Humidifier
Dust humidifiers are mainly used in ash storage in thermal power plants, steel mills, iron smelters, chemical plants, and other departments.
Chain conveyor
According to the number and arrangement of chain, conveyors can be divided into single chain, double chain, double center chain and three chain.
Ash Discharge Valve
The ash discharge valve is mainly used in air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, domestic hot water and other civil systems and chemical, etc.
Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyors include horizontal screw conveyors, vertical screw conveyors, flexible screw conveyors, and spiral tube (roller conveyor) conveyors.

Why Choose Senotay Dust Conveying System

As a dust conveying systems & equipment company, Senotay offers high performance dust collector equipment with many advantages.
1. Senotay dust conveying system is easy to use. Thanks to the simple design, they can be installed quickly and are easy to use. 
2. Hygienic: The seam-free surface design of the dust conveying system ensures that dusts and materials are not trapped and also the dust conveying system helps reduce the risk of product contamination. What's more, the dust conveying system also eliminates external contaminants, thus ensuring that facilities and equipment remain clean as well.
3. Dust-free environment: Because the product is transferred through closed pipes, the dust conveying system helps create a dust-free environment that promotes the health and safety of all workers in the facility. Enclosed dust transfer also eliminates the need to manually handle solids, thus protecting operators from exposure.
4. Fast transfer: In addition to process efficiency, the dust conveying system provides fast transfer efficiency because it uses clean and lubrication-free compressed air.

How Dust Conveying System Works

Here is how dust conveying system works. The dust removed by the industrial dust collector is first discharged to the scraper conveyor through the dust discharging valve, and then the dust is sent to the lower part of the bucket elevator. The dust is lifted to a certain height by a bucket elevator and discharged to a storage ash tank. The dust accumulated in the storage tank is removed from the processing vehicle by a certain height. In order to avoid dust flying, the dust can be sprayed with a dust humidifier and then taken away by the processing vehicle.

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