LCM Series Long Bag Offline Pulse Dust Collector

LCM Series Long Bag Offline Pulse Dust Collector
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LCM series long-bag offline pulse dust remover is the result of fieldwork research technology experience of our company for more than ten years. Long bag off-line pulse duster technology and products integrate the world's most outstanding long-bag offline pulse dust removal technology and introduced to users with the international level of the 1990s. LCM offline long bag pulse dust collector  is a large-scale dust removal equipment with large air volume, good cleaning effect, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small footprint. Widely used in the metallurgical industry steelmaking blast furnace, raw coal injection preparation plant and other industries, building materials industry, power, chemical industry, carbon black, asphalt concrete mixing, boiler, flue gas dust and other industries dust control and material recovery.
Senotay, one of the LCM offline long bag pulse dust collector suppliers and manufacturers, can provide you with the top-quality dust remover at competitive prices!

Lcm Series Long Bag Offline Pulse Dust Collector Specifications

Specifications and Models of Long Bag Offline Pulse Bag Dust Collector
model LCM-1680 LCM-2100 LCM-2520 LCM-2940 LCM-3360 LCM-4200 LCM-5040 LCM-5880 LCM-6720 LCM-7560 LCM-8400
Filtration Area(m 2) 1680 2100 2520 2940 3360 4200 5040 5880 6720 7560 8400
Air Volume(10⁴m³ /h) 8.06 10.08 12.10 14.11 16.13 20.16 24.20 28.22 32.26 36.29 40.32
Filter Bag Quantity(PCS) 560 700 840 980 1120 1400 1680 1960 2240 2520 2800
filter bag size(mm) φ160 x6000
filter bag material Polyester Needle Felt Acrylic Needle Felt PPS polyphenylene sulfide Nomex Fiberglass Needle Punched Felt P84 PTFE
maximum operating temperature(℃) <130 <150 <190 <200 <240 <260 <280
Blowing method Offline cleaning
Number of filter units(PCS) 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Air Leak Percentage(%) <3%
Inlet Gas Concentration(g/m 3) <20g/m 3
injection pressure(MPa) 0.3-0.5
Concentration of Emission(mg/m 3) <30mg/m 3
Pulse Valve Quantity(PCS) 40 50 60 70 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
Size of Outside (L*W*H)(cm) 1000x480x1300 1250x480x1300 1500x480x1300 1750x480x13800 1000x890x1300 1000x890x1300 1500x890x1300 1750x890x13800 2000x890x1300 2250x890x1300 2500x890x1300

LCM Type Long Bag Off-line Pulsed Dust Collector Performance Parameters

The airflow containing dust particles enters the airflow channel of the long bag offline pulse bag filter under the negative pressure of the fan. The large diameter particles fall into the dust bin by their own gravity and the action of the guide device. The fine dust is directly attached to the surface of the filter bag by the airflow. The filtered clean gas enters the clean air chamber of the dust collector through the internal surface of the filter bag, and then enters the exhaust pipe through the lifting valve, and finally the airflow enters the atmosphere. After a long time of filtering, the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag will become thicker and thicker, and the electric control system of the dust collector will start the compressed air supply system to spray the filter bag, and the dust on the surface of the filter bag will be cleaned up under the action of spraying and fall into the dust bin, and the dust inside the bin will be discharged from the bin through the conveying device. For more information and technology about LCM Long Bag Pulse Dust Collector, please contact us! We can provide you with competitive product prices!

Lcm Series Long Bag Offline Pulse Dust Collector Features

The LCM long bag off-line pulse dust collector is the largest of the bag type dust collectors in terms of handling capacity, and it can reach millions of cubic meters per hour of air flow. It is a rather miscellaneous exhaust gas treatment system. It includes temperature detection system, differential pressure monitoring system, filtration and purification system, pulse blowing system, remote warning system, remote operating system, dust conveying system, interlock control system with other equipment and so on. Its stable operation requires the assistance of all these systems to achieve. It is used in a wide range of industrial applications, and depending on the flue gas parameters of each industry, we need to select filter bags of different materials. Our dust collectors can be used in food plants, fertilizer plants, waste incineration, asphalt mixing plants, steel plants, cement plants, power plants, glass plants, thermal companies, grain drying, building material companies, mining and other industries with serious pollution.
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