Advantages Of The Pulse Jet Type Bag Filter

The pulse jet type bag filter is the most cost-effective dust removal equipment. It can effectively complete the dust removal task in various places and environments. It is one of the most advanced dust removal equipment in the market at present. It is improved by researchers on the basis of the old baghouse filter bags, which has the following advantages.
1. Work efficiency is particularly high
The performance of the pulse jet type bag filter is more perfect. In addition to retaining the characteristics of the high cleaning efficiency of the old baghouse filter bags, the new type bag has increased the efficiency of cleaning gas greatly; its performance is more stable and the operation is also very convenient; at the same time, the service life of the filter bag is greatly extended, and the working strength of the maintenance personnel is reduced, which are not available to other bags.

2.Ability to actually measure the dust being treated
The pulse jet type bag filter is most suitable for use in the electric field where the wind speed reaches 0.5-1.6m/s. It can automatically detect the dust content in the operating environment, and can automatically adjust the wind speed according to the dust content. When the dust content and resistance in the working environment are higher or lower, the pulse jet type bag filter can automatically adjust the wind speed of the wet electric field through the microcomputer inside the dust collection system according to the actual conditions of the working condition, in order to remove the dust from the working field, reduce the amount of dust, improve the air pollution caused by a large amount of dust emission, purify the dust pollution and improve the air quality, which greatly improves the dust emission enterprises around the air quality.
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