Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve

Electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve is a dust collector diaphragm valve that is directly controlled by electrical signal. The dust collector solenoid valve in Senotay is to control the size of the oil pressure in the oil circuit. Generally, the dust collector valve is installed in the main oil circuit or damper back pressure oil circuit in order to reduce the oil pressure shock when shifting and locking unlocking, so that the equipment operation maintain a smooth state.

Dust Collector Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve For Sale

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Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve Working Principle

The diaphragm divides the dust collector solenoid valve into two chambers: the front and the back. When the compressed air enters the back chamber through the throttle hole, the pressure of the back chamber presses the diaphragm against the output of the electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve, and the dust collector valve is in the "closed" state. When the electrical signal of pulse blowing controller disappears, the armature of electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve is reset, the venting hole of rear air chamber is closed, and the pressure of rear air chamber rises so that the diaphragm presses against the valve outlet, and the dust collector solenoid valve is in the "closed" state.

Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve Advantages

Made of high quality aluminum alloy precision casting, the electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve is durable.
Good moisture-proof and corrosion-proof ability.
Electromagnetic pulse control, fast opening and closing of the dust collector solenoid valve.
Easy to install and maintain for continuous use.
Good sealing performance, safe and reliable.

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve Installation

  • 1. Pay attention to check whether the dust collector solenoid valve are damaged in the transportation process before use.
  • 2. Clear the gas supply pipe of debris before installation. Pay attention to the correct direction of gas flow and receiver during installation of electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve.
  • 3. All O-rings should be properly lubricated during installation.
  • 4. There are three pins on the electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve coil with special plugs, one of them with " " symbol is the grounding pin, users can decide whether to ground according to their needs. (In general, the voltage is less than 36V can not be grounded, more than 36V should be grounded.) The other two are coil power pins, respectively, with the pulse blowing control instrument corresponding to the order of the terminals and the dust collector valve with the terminals of the common line connected. Pay attention to whether the voltage meets the requirements.
  • 5. Dust collector sub-air box (including the receiver) is determined by the user, the capacity of the sub-air box should be satisfied to provide a stable gas source for the electromagnetic pulse valve to work, the inner wall of the sub-air box should be clean and free of rust and other debris, the sub-air box has no leakage and meets the requirements of the relevant safety.
  • 6. The electromagnetic solenoid pulse valve and the gas package and the blowing connection tube seals for the applicable temperature of -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. If you need high temperature seals, please specify when ordering.

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