The Electromagnetic Valve

Electromagnetic pulse valves (also known as diaphragm valves) are compressed air "switches" for pulse bag filter dust cleaning systems. By the control of the output signal of the pulse jet control instrument, the filter bag is cleaned by one row (chamber), so that the resistance of the filter is kept within the set range, so as to ensure the processing capacity and dust collection efficiency of the filter.
DMF-Z electromagnetic pulse valve is a right-angle valve, and the angle between the inlet and outlet is 90 degrees, which is suitable for the installation connection between the airbag and the dust blower tube. The air flow is unobstructed and it can provide the required clear air pulse.

DMF-ZM electromagnetic pulse valve is the same as the "Z" series of the right-angle valve, suitable for airbag and dust collector spray pipe installation connection, the import and export of the two ends with a fixed nut for installation so that installation and use more Convenience.

The DMF-Y electromagnetic pulse valve is a submerged valve (also called an embedded valve). It is directly mounted on the gas distribution box and has better flow characteristics. The pressure loss has decreased and it is suitable for workplaces with low air supply pressure.

The DMF-T electromagnetic pulse valve is a straight-through valve with an included angle of 180 degrees between the inlet ports (the inlet and outlet centerlines are the same lines). The inlet is connected to the air reservoir and the outlet is connected to the injection pipe. The air flow is unobstructed and it can provide the required clear air pulse.
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