Buy Baghouse Filter from China

Our company specializes in the design, production, and installation of baghouse filters.

The baghouse dust collector dust removal system is composed of a gas collecting dust cover, a gas conveying pipe, ash discharging device, a fan, a motor, and the like. The company has a strong competitive strength in the design and production of baghouse filter cages. Baghousehouse filter cages are also known as filter bag house cages, dust collector cages, and the like.

Baghousehouse filters are also available for internal and external filtration.

The dusty gas of the internal filter dust collector flows from the inside of the filter baghouse to the outside. The dust-laden gas of the external filter dust collector flows from the outside to the inside of the filter baghouse. Filtration of dusty gas is inseparable from dust baghouse, also known as dust filter baghouse. Filter bag houses are divided into a variety of materials according to temperature: high-temperature dust baghouse, high-temperature glass fiber filter baghouse, polyester needle felt filter baghouse, dust collector transparent plastic baghouse. As a supplier of dust filter baghouses, we always pursue the quality and first-class service of our products and safeguard the interests of our customers.

baghouse filter
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