Baghouse Filter

Baghouse filter main parts

1 electromagnetic pulse valve
2 pulse controller
3 filter bag bag cage
4 dust filter bag
5 spray ash cleaning

Baghouse filter is the use of new bagged filter media to capture dust in dust gas dry dust removal equipment, Baghouse filter dust removal performance from the dust concentration of dust sources and their volume impact. Trapped dust diameter of more than 0.2 microns, trapping efficiency generally up to 99%, particle size of 1 micron, the capture efficiency is as high as 100%. Export dust concentration can meet or exceed the national standard, generally can reach 30mg / cubic meter, the pressure loss size and operating conditions of the models, generally between 500-2000pa, Baghouse filter in the industrial dust removal system is widely used.
The working principle of Baghouse filter is a filtering process and a cleaning process.

Baghouse filter works:

1. the filtration process: Baghouse filter filtration process is mainly done by the filter bag, the new filter bag in the early operation of the main capture more than 1 micron dust capture mechanism is the role of inertia, screening, shielding effect, Electrostatic precipitation or gravity sedimentation, the filtration process for some time after the formation of a dust layer in the filter bag, dust layer and the three-dimensional pore structure of the filter bag can capture more fine dust, Baghouse filter can handle the gas The dust concentration is 0.5-100 g/m3.
2. the cleaning process: cleaning by pulse controller or PLC control pulse valve opening and closing, when the pulse valve is opened, the air bag compressed air through the injection valve through the small hole on the mouth of the filter A high-speed and high-pressure ejecting airflow forms an induced airflow equivalent to several times the volume of the ejecting airflow into the filter bag to make the filter bag instantly positive pressure and rapidly expand so that the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag drops off Into the ash bucket, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Baghouse filter basic functions:

1. Baghouse filter dust removal efficiency: 99.5%
2. Pressure loss of Baghouse filter: 800-1800pa
3. Baghouse filter dust particle size: 0.5 microns or more
4. The temperature of flue gas that the Baghouse filter can handle: normal temperature -250 degrees Celsius (determined according to the selected filter)
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