Stable Operation is a Characteristic of Electrostatic Dust Collector

The operation of the electrostatic precipitator is relatively stable, it is not prone to jamming, and the contact is relatively good, and the dust removal efficiency is high. After the dust removal is successful, you can find that the air quality purified by the electrostatic precipitator is relatively high, which meets the emission requirements.

1. Trial operation of electrostatic dust collector

In order to ensure that the electrostatic dust collector can be used more smoothly, the specific test operation is also very important. Once any problems exist, they can be solved well, so that the overall production will not suffer any impact. However, many problems need to be paid attention to during the trial operation.

2. Fan of electrostatic dust precipitators

It should be noted from the test operation of the electrostatic precipitator that the fan is a very important part. Users and friends should pay attention to whether the temperature, speed, direction and other parts of the fan can meet the requirements. Only when the requirements are met can it have a good effect. Moreover, it is very important whether the processing air volume matches the actual pressure and temperature conditions.

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