Woodworking Dust Remover

Woodworking Dust Remover
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Most of the dust collectors in woodwork factories use centralized treatment system, which can save investment and facilitate management. The woodworking machinery in the furniture factory will produce very high concentration dust in the production and processing process, seriously affecting the working environment of the woodworking workshop, so my company has designed and produced a set of dust collector system which is specially used in the production workshop of the furniture factory according to the dust characteristics of the woodworking workshop, its structure is simple, compact, steel consumption is low, and the contrast weight is relatively low. Light fibrous dust, such as sawdust, shavings, asbestos powder, tobacco and so on, has a higher capture capacity. Dust removal process: dust produced in the production of woodworking equipment is collected by the dust collection duct of the dust removal system, and then enters the woodworking dust collector through the regulating disc valve and the air inlet duct. The dust is blocked in the filter bag, and the clean gas is discharged to the atmosphere through the filter bag, the induced draft fan and the chimney up to the standard, so as to recover the dust and purify the waste gas. It also enables all emission targets to meet discharge requirements.

The wood dust collector produced by our company aims at the hydrophilic property of wood dust. Dust is easy to agglomerate under a certain moisture content. The arch bridge in the dust hopper of the wood dust collector results in the blockage phenomenon. We design vibrator or air gun in the dust hopper of the dust collector to assist the dust removal and reduce the work of manual assistant dust removal. In view of the characteristics of high concentration of wood dust, we use gradient air passage design to ensure the uniform distribution of air flow. The airflow organization is designed to avoid high speed erosion and wear in the local area of the dust collector.

DMC series woodworking pulse bag dust collector, fully imported from foreign high-tech, is a high-pressure pulse injection dust, circular filter bag design fully automatic control of high-efficiency dust removal device. Dust collector at the center of the central dust collection system.
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