Double Bag Vacuum

Double Bag Vacuum
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Double bag vacuums are classified by shape and can be divided into horizontal, vertical, hand-held, cylinder, push rod and other types. Among them, the double bag dust extractors in the cylinder category are widely used and relatively common, and are mostly used in cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings. The double bag dust collector is characterized by its large capacity and ability to absorb water.

Double Bag Dust Collector Advantages

A double bag vacuum, as the name suggests, is a cleaner with two vacuuming buckets. Compared with general vacuum cleaners, the setting of the dual cylinders of the two bag dust collector ensures its vacuuming capacity, so that the vacuum cleaner can be used for a longer time. Also, it can clean a larger area at a time, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the 2 bag dust extractor.
Senotay double bag vacuum is easy to operate. Due to the different materials used with double bag vacuum, the operation mode of the 2 bag dust collector is also different. Compared with the general vacuum cleaner, the operation of double bag vacuum is relatively simple in general. Moreover, the user does not need to move in a large area, and its long vacuum tube allows you to operate flexibly in a large range, saving time and easy operation.

2 Bag Dust Extractor Applications

Due to the variety of materials (wood, steel, cloth and other special productions) for its vacuum cleaners, the double bag dust collector has a wide range of applications. It can not only do the cleaning work done by other double bag vacuums, but also clean various other industrial wastes such as sawdust, dust, etc. Senotay double bag vacuum is a perfect helper for cleaning. Senotay is a trustworthy supplier who is committed to providing top-quality China dust collector equipment. Contact us now!
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