The Basic Characteristics Of Dust Collector Replacement Filter Bags

To put it bluntly, the dust collector replacement filter bags are a kind of bag that can act as a filter. Under such a prerequisite, what should be satisfied is the basic needs of the bag in the actual situation, but the efficiency and frequency of using such bags are different because they are made of fiber or felt. The main pursuit is an efficient filter, conducive to dust stripping or durable effect.
The notable feature of the dust collector replacement filter bags is that the bag is a very fine fiber or a filter bag for oil absorption which is mainly composed of the necessary overflow layer, silkscreen and so on. It is mainly designed for a lot of oil or dust in the liquid, but the void ratio has been basically reached 80%, which has greatly improved the service life of the equipment, and its cleanliness is also many times the weight of its own weight. It is determined by the actual fluid or the characteristics of the oil, one of which can not be ignored is the basic oil flow rate.

In many cases, dust collector replacement filter bags are made of filter bags with absolute precision, which are basically formed through effective forms of fiber hot melt, and the outer layer is made of a thickened material. At the same time, a very adequate filter layer can be provided. In such cases, it is usually done by a very effective large-caliber filter, mainly by enhancing the overall filtering effect and improving the ability to accommodate magazines effectively. It is no problem to increase the effective service life of the equipment. Another basic form of dust collector replacement filter bags is the silkscreen, mainly in the form of some nylon or polyester polymer materials, mainly to filter fine impurity or dust, and the greatest advantage is that they can be used repeatedly.
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