Types and Functions of Dust Collector Filter Bags

In the process of using industrial dust collection systems, the deducting effect is directly connected with the type of dust collector filter bags. The correct selection of dust collector filter bags matters a lot. What are the types and functions of SENOTAY dust collector filter bags?

1. Types of dust collector filter bags

The dust collector filter bags are classified according to the material. There are various types of dust collector filter bags, such as antistatic needled felt bags, mastus needled felt bags, polyester fabric needled felt bags, flumus needled felt bags, polyester waterproof and oil-proof needled felt bags, glass fiber needled felt bags and so on.

2. The use of dust collector filter bags

Dust collector filter bag can be widely applied. It is mainly used for dust removal in smelting industry, coking carbon ink industry, power generation industry, cement industry, chemical industry, refractory industry and so on. Under high-temperature conditions, filter bags need to have functions of flue gas purification. carbon black trapping, material recovery, dust removal, smoke elimination and dust filtration.

3. The position of dust collector filter bags in industrial dust collection systems

In bag type dust collector, dust collector filter bags is the heart. The cloth bag or filter bag used in the general dust collector filter bags are the key parts of industrial dust collection systems in the operating process. The cylindrical filter bag is usually suspended vertically in industrial dust collection systems, and the filter bag has the skeleton support in the filter bag.

The cloth dust collector bags that are used for dust removal is usually made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt filter cloth. Filtration process of the filter bag has utilized the filtration effect of fabric and can effectively filtrate dusty gas.
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