How to Choose the Right Industrial Dust Removal Equipment?

1. Factors for choosing industrial dust collector

Relevant factors that need to be considered when choosing an industrial dust collector: such as dust removal efficiency, equipment location, and available space; equipment investment and economic factors such as operation and maintenance costs must also be considered, of which dust removal efficiency needs to be focused. In this regard, the selected industrial dust collector also needs to meet the emission concentration specified by the emission standard.

2. The basis for choosing industrial dust collector

1. Set up the basic parameters according to the local environmental protection and environmental assessment requirements, and use this as a requirement to seek qualified industrial and dust collector manufacturers to carry out specific dust removal plans and implementation.

2. Choose the corresponding dust removal equipment according to different working conditions;

a. For floating dust, dust collectors with large air volume and large suction caliber are generally selected, which are collectively referred to as industrial dust collectors;

B. For static dust and large particles, industrial dust collectors with high negative pressure and small suction calibers are generally selected. These types of industrial dust filters are collectively referred to as industrial vacuum cleaners;

C. In addition, according to the nature of the dust, choose whether to need an explosion-proof dust collector, whether to need a water-filtered dust collector, and choose a bag filter or a filter cartridge dust collector according to the size of the dust particles.

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