Problems Brought By The Dust Collector Filter Bags

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many enterprises will install dust cleaners when they go into production. However, because of lack of management, in addition to dust collector filter bags after aging, some enterprises will appear some problems; some even have been ordered to close down rectification. In Qingdao, an enterprise once had such a problem. When the relevant departments received a report from the masses, they saw white smoke in the chimney of the enterprise. There was stive everywhere in the open space of the factory building and a lot of dust on the wall. The related personnel of the environmental protection department found that there was a problem with the dust removal device of the enterprise after the on-the-spot investigation.  In November last year, in the Tiancang Building Materials Company in Qingdao, after the relevant staff of the environmental protection department saw the dust at the scene, they carried out on-site surveys together with the relevant personnel of the company. In the course of the investigation, they found that the dust collector filter bags had aged. There have been holes in many places from which all dust emanates. This company mainly carries on the ore powder processing. Although the dust collection system is installed in the raw material warehouse storage tank, it is careless in the management. This enterprise usually does not pay attention to the sprinkling and the cleaning and other measures, therefore it has left a large amount of dust in the scene.  In order to avoid the production of a large number of harmful substances such as PM2.5, many enterprises have installed a dust collection system, but some enterprises do not have a special person to manage. When the aging and damage are to the dust collector filter bags, it will bring difficulties to these enterprises. Faced with the dust left in and around the plant, any enterprise cannot explain. The relevant departments can only issue rectification notice after inspection, so in order to ensure the operation of the enterprise, every enterprise needs special personnel to maintain and manage.
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