Polyester Filter Bag

1. Introduction of polyester filter bag

In recent years, countries around the world have made many efforts in the treatment of environmental pollution and achieved great results. In the treatment of air pollution and material recovery, bag dust removal has achieved good results. The technical core of bag dust removal is the filter material. Bag dust removal is using polyester filter felt to filter the dust in the gas.

2. Performance requirements of polyester filter bag

People have many requirements for the performance of filter media of polyester filter bag. The main performance requirements are: large air handling capacity, low resistance, long life, and low price.

The filter cloth used for dust filtration mainly consists of organic woven filter cloth and needle punched filter cloth.

Woven filter cloth is made of twisted warp and weft yarns interlaced on a plane, with a two-dimensional structure. The woven filter material requires a great degree of tightness when weaving the cloth, and the density of the yarn itself and the interweaving part of the filter material is also higher. The actual total opening rate is about 30%, and the resistance of the filter material is greater. The air handling capacity is small, and most of the dust-containing gas can only pass through the pores between the warp and weft threads. Because the pores are large and the direct dust is easily penetrated, it can only be better after the dust layer is formed on the woven fabric. The collection efficiency is low at the beginning of use and a period of time after cleaning. In addition, dust removal is a working procedure that constantly occurs in bag dust removal, which determines the low efficiency of woven filter cloth in bag dust removal.

3. Application of polyester filter bag

Polyester filter bags are used for air pollution control and material recovery, and are suitable for working at a temperature of 125°C-140°C.

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