The Working Principle And Result Composition Of Pulse Valve

The main control principle of a pulse valve is the process of conducting the pilot valve through electromagnetic or pneumatic means. It is a diaphragm valve that can instantly shut down and start the pulse generated by the high pressure gas source, but we use the electromagnetic pulse valve. The valve device is a combination of a solenoid valve, a pilot valve, and a pulse valve. It can directly control the original diaphragm valve by a signal.

The current electromagnetic pulse valve is also suitable for its use of the environment, the general humidity in the air does not exceed 80%, and there is no corrosive thing in the air, the temperature of the medium above the gas source is generally 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, its main structure is a solenoid valve, a large valve body, a small valve body, a small diaphragm, a spring and a large diaphragm to form, generally we use the solenoid valve using the manufactured valve body The materials used are aluminum alloy materials. When we use them, they should not be used in places where vibration and jolts are used. The appropriate rated current and small power should be selected according to the capacity of its power supply.

2.The working principle and result composition of pulse valve

The main principle of electromagnetic pulse valve, the main principle is that its diaphragm will be the solenoid valve punch valve is divided into the front chamber and the rear chamber, when we connect the compressed air glory throttle hole Then, after entering the rear air chamber, the pressure in the rear air chamber at this time will cause the diaphragm to send an electromagnetic pulse at the output of the subsidy valve to a closed state. When the pulse signal disappears, the solenoid valve flushes the armature. It will be reset so that the bleed holes in the rear air chamber will also close, and the pressure in the rear air chamber will also increase to stick the diaphragm tightly to the valve outlet, which is when it is closed.
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