Do You Know These Highlights of Baghouse Filter?

1. Introduction of baghouse filter

The baghouse filter is a new type of filtration system. The filter bag is supported by a metal mesh basket inside. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag. The filter basket of the bag filter is a high-strength stainless steel plate arranged by computer and laser perforated. It is molded and polished with very little material attached. The baghouse filter is a pressure filter device, which is mainly composed of a filter cylinder, a filter cylinder cover, a quick opening mechanism, and a stainless steel filter bag reinforcement net. The filtrate flows into the baghouse filter bags from the side inlet pipe of the filter housing. The bag itself is installed in the reinforced mesh basket, and the liquid penetrates the baghouse filter bags of the required fineness level to obtain qualified filtrate.

2. Performance characteristics of baghouse filter

The baghouse filter has high filtration accuracy and is suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter;

The baghouse filter has a large processing flow per unit filtration area, low filtration resistance, and high filtration efficiency. The filtration function of a filter bag is equivalent to 5 to 10 times that of the same type of filter element, which can greatly reduce user costs;

The baghouse filter has a wide range of uses and can be used for fine filtration;

In the case of achieving the same filtering effect, baghouse filter has the advantages of low investment cost and long service life compared with equipment such as plate and frame filter, filter element filter, and raw water pre-filter;

The baghouse filter, with the same reasonable structure and low operating cost, satisfies the filtering effect and processing capacity.

The baghouse filter is mainly used for the filtration of paint, beer, cosmetics, vegetable oil, electroplating liquid, milk, industrial water, latex, sugar water, fruit juice, vinegar, resin, ink, and industrial wastewater. Only by producing high-quality equipment and providing every service attentively can we win the trust of the market.

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