High Temperature Fiberglass Filter Bag

High Temperature Fiberglass Filter Bag
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The glass fiber continuous filter cloth is composed of continuous glass fiber yarns for both warp and weft yarns. The specially processed and manufactured glass fiber fabric is an ideal high-temperature resistant filter material. The filter material has strong strength, smooth surface, and easy to peel off dust. Temperature can be used at 280 degrees for a long time, corrosion resistance, high dust removal efficiency. Widely used in carbon black / iron / cement / calcium carbide / electrochemical / steel and other industries.

High Temperature Fiberglass Filter Bag performance:

  • Good heat resistance, long-term use below 280°C;
  • Good dust stripping, so that the energy consumption of cleaning is low;
  • Good dimensional stability, the shrinkage of the fiber itself is zero at the use temperature;
  • Good resistance to chemical attack, except hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, and strong alkali, it is stable to other media;
  • No water absorption, no moisture absorption;
  • The filtration efficiency can reach 99.5% or more.
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