What Are The Reasons For The Damage Of Dust Collector Filter Bags?

Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers can widely use dust collector filter bags, because their demand is generally relatively large, so many manufacturers provide door-to-door installation services. But the installation of dust collector filter bags has always been a problem that many people easily overlook. Many people think that as long as all kinds of production problems are determined, there will be no big problems; but in fact, later maintenance is also a more critical issue. Only when the product is suitable can it play its real role. But, no matter how much we love it, it will be damaged, so what are the reasons for its damage?

The first and most common is wear, because the role of the dust collector filter bags in the dust collection system is very important. As long as the machine is working, our bags will not stop working. In the process of work, there will be a certain amount of friction. Because the general fabric is made of fiber, it is easy to wear over time, which can not be avoided. Hence, that's why we should use them correctly. The second is that the dust collector filter bags can be burned out, because the machine will produce a certain amount of heat while it is working continuously. Once the heat reaches a certain temperature, it is very likely that the dust collector filter bags will be burned out. Another point is that in general, the dust being treated is very hot. It is also possible to burn out often at such high temperatures.

The third is that they are to be corroded, because what we deal with is usually the waste produced by the factory, which will contain some chemical raw materials. They must be corrosive.
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