How to Choose Cloth Dust Collector Bags

Here are the factors to consider when choosing cloth dust collector bags.

1. Handling air volume

The processing air volume refers to the volume of gas that the cloth dust bag can purify per unit time. The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). It is one of the important factors in the design of cloth dust collector bags.

2. Operating temperature

For cloth dust collector bags, the operating temperature depends on two factors: ① The temperature of the filter material; ② The gas temperature is above the dew point temperature. At present, due to the large selection of glass fiber filter materials, the operating temperature can reach 280°C, and measures are taken to cool the gas above this temperature, and measures to increase the temperature of the gas below the dew point temperature. The relationship between the use temperature of the cloth dust bag and the dust removal efficiency is not obvious, but it is more obvious for electrostatic dust precipitators. For the electrostatic precipitator, the temperature change will affect the dust removal efficiency.

3. Inlet dust concentration

The inlet dust concentration is determined by the process of the dust-raising point. When designing or selecting a cloth dust bag, it is another important factor second only to the air volume.

4. Outlet dust concentration

The outlet dust concentration refers to the discharge concentration of cloth dust collector bags, and the expression method is the same as the inlet dust concentration. The outlet dust concentration should be subject to local environmental protection requirements or user requirements. The discharge concentration of cloth dust collector bags can generally reach 50mg /Nm3 or less.

5. Pressure loss

The pressure loss of cloth dust collector bags refers to the pressure of the gas from the inlet to the outlet of the cloth dust collector bags, or resistance.

6. Operating pressure

The operating pressure of cloth dust collector bags is determined by the static pressure value of the device before and after the dust collector bag and the fan and its installation position. It is also the design pressure resistance value of the cloth dust collector bag.

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