Water-Repellent And Oil-Proof Polyester Needle Felt Cloth Bag

Water-Repellent And Oil-Proof Polyester Needle Felt Cloth Bag
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Water-repellent and oil-repellent polyester needle-punched felt contain many moisture and oily and dust-absorbing and deliquescent dust in the dust during the operation of the bag filter. It may generate water film or oil film on the dust surface and increase adhesion. Although this helps to collect dust, it will make cleaning difficult. In particular, when the high-temperature gas is in a high-humidity state, condensation occurs due to cooling of the outside air. This can not only make the collected dust on the filter bag surface fouling, or even plug but also can corrode the structural materials, so that the dust collector operation resistance increases, directly affecting the normal operation of the bag filter. In view of this, the ordinary filter material must be further improved in function to apply this special working condition, prevent or reduce the dust bag phenomenon, improve the filter material life and work efficiency.

In recent years, our company has selected reactive fluorochemical additives for the post-treatment of polyester, polypropylene, anti-static needle felt, aramid needle felt and other filter media, all achieving an ideal water and oil repellent effect. Not only does the water and oil repellency rating test meet national standards, but it does not affect the appearance and inherent indicators of the original needle felt.

Water and oil repellent mechanism:

The reactive working fluid is used for preparing the impregnated filter medium with the reactive fluoridating agent, so that the working fluid reacts with certain groups in the macromolecular structure of the filter fiber to form a macromolecular chain, and the affinity between the fiber and water and oil is changed, so that The surface tension of the filter material is reduced to less than the surface tension of water and oil in order to achieve the purpose of water repellency and oil repellency.

polyester fiber anti-static needle punch filter felt


Polyester, stainless steel conductive fiber





Air permeability


Longitudinal pull


Latitudinal tension


Longitudinal extension


Zonal elongation


Operating temperature



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