The Classification and Working Principle of Ash Discharge Valve Are Introduced

The ash discharge valve unloader is the main equipment for dust removal equipment, air supply and to feed other equipment, which is to deal with powdery and granular materials. It is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, and other industrial sectors.

Features of ash discharge valve discharge device:

(1) Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use

(2) Smooth operation and low noise

(3) Because the bearing and gear box are far away from the shell, the high temperature and lubrication are greatly improved

1. Classification of ash discharge valve

The dust discharge device is an important part of the dust removal equipment, and its filling will directly affect the operation of the dust collector and the efficiency of dust removal. Improper selection of the ash discharge device will cause air to go in through the dust discharge port, destroy the airflow movement in the dust collector, deteriorate the operation, and cause the collected dust to fly again, reducing the purification efficiency. Or it may cause the ash discharge port to be blocked and gives the dust removal system difficulties.

In the design of the dust collector, the type of ash discharging valve, the pressure state in the ash hopper and the nature of the dust, these three characteristics should be determined according to the type of the bag dust collector to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector and smooth ash discharge.

Ash discharge devices are divided into dry discharge device and wet ash discharge device. Dust collectors are generally equipped with dry ash discharge devices, and dry ash discharge devices are divided into two types of ash discharge devices, flap type discharge valve and rotary discharge valve. In addition, in front of the unloading valve, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the ash discharge valve, a plug-in valve is generally installed.

2. Working principle of ash discharge valve

The working principle of the ash discharge valve is that the quality of the dust falls down by itself under the action of gravity to complete the ash discharge process. For manual ash discharge valves and pneumatic ash discharge valves, dust removal is completely dependent on gravity. For electric rotary ash discharge valves, the ash discharge process is not only affected by gravity but also affected by the rotation speed of the ash discharge valve. The amount of ash discharged is proportional to the valve transfer speed.

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