How to Select the Types of Screw Conveyor System?

There are so many types of SENOTAY screw conveyor system, and their working condition and the transportation amount, so the reasonable selection has become an important point. Then how should we choose the suitable type of screw conveyor system according to the customer's needs? Let me introduce you a brief summary of a few points:

1. Conveying capacity of screw conveyor system

The conveying capacity of screw conveyor system refers to the amount of material transported per unit time. When transporting bulk materials, calculate the quality or volume of the materials transported per hour; when packaged materials are transported, calculate the number of pieces transported per hour. When matching with linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen and other vibrating screen equipment, the feeding quantity of vibrating screen should be calculated and the conveying quantity should be controlled. Most of the screw conveyor system must be considered before design and production that whether it need to be used with other production equipment, in order to facilitate the rational design of the conveyor model.

2. Conveying speed of screw conveyor system

The conveying speed can be transferred into capacity. When the screw conveyor is used as the traction part and the conveying length is comparatively large, the conveying speed increases. But high speed screw conveyor should be paid attention to issues like vibration, noise, starting, sealing and so on. The conveying speed should not be too high, in order to prevent the increase of dynamic load. At the same time, the conveyor can be controlled by craft. The conveying speed should be determined according to the production process requirements.

3. Dimensions of the equipment

Dimensions of the equipment include the width, diameter, length and the size of the motor reducer of screw conveyor system. The size of the equipment directly affects the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor system.

4. Conveying length and inclination angle

The length and angle of inclination of the conveying line directly affect the total resistance and required the power of the conveyor. Now there are many types of the conveyor, such as direct level feeding conveyor, and the conveyor with a certain angle of tilt. Therefore when choosing a screw conveyor system, ensure that it explains service conditions clearly.

5. Choose the right motor for screw conveyor system

As to the motor of the screw conveyor system, you can choose adjustable speed motor and ordinary motor to control the speed of conveying and the quantity of conveying per hour. The greater the number is, the greater the amount of transportation is.

6. Hopper of screw conveyor system

Whether the hopper should be added to the feed port and the size of the hopper are also factors to consider.

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