How Does The Electromagnetic Pulse Valve In The Bag Dust Collector Work?

The electromagnetic pulse valve can be said to be the switch in the ash cleaning system of the bag dust collector. When the dust-containing gas enters the lower part of the box and rises evenly through the guide plate to the dust-removing bag, the large particle dust will first fall into the dust hopper of the bag dust collector because of the collision, and the dust will be blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. The clean gas will enter into the dust-removing bag and discharge from the outlet of the bag dust collector through the bag mouth and upper box .

With the increasing of dust on the outer surface of the filter bag, the resistance of the filter bag is also increasing, which makes the air volume become smaller. When the resistance of the equipment reaches the value set by the manufacturer, the pressure difference monitoring system will send out a signal, and then the dust cleaning mechanism of the bag dust collector will start to work.

The compressed air is ejected from the pulse valve and injected into the dust filter bag through the blowpipe and nozzle. The dust filter bag will instantly expand and vibrate, and the vibration will make the dust on the surface of the filter bag come out and fall into the dust hopper of the bag dust collector. It is then discharged by the ash relief valve. The system adopts automatic or manual ash cleaning (The automatic ash cleaning settings include pressure difference ash cleaning, timing ash cleaning and single warehouse ash cleaning). According to the selected mode, the pulse bag dust collector carries on the ash cleaning to each warehouse room in turn, and the silo room that completes the ash cleaning will immediately return to the state of continuing dust removal.
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