Handan Hebei Baiyin Kiln LCMD-5000 Bag Filter Was Successfully Put Into Operation

The dust treatment of the lime kiln is a large-scale dust removal equipment with large air volume, good dedusting effect, high dust removal efficiency, small footprint, stable operation, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance. It has been used in many projects, and practice shows that The bag filter accepted the user's production inspection and gained a good reputation.

The technical characteristics and technical innovations of the special pulse bag filter for kiln tail of our company are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The lime kiln bag filter adopts efficient pulse jet technology. Selection of imported low-resistance, high-efficiency, long-life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, the unique design of the injection pipe, special tooling molds, to ensure the bag's cleaning power.

2. The lime kiln bag filter adopts high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant filter media. Combining the characteristics of rotary kiln flue gas in China, the LF series high-temperature composite filter material with high cost performance is used. This kind of filter material is blended with 20% P84, base fabric PTFE, and the post-treatment is impregnated with high concentration PTFE, which not only solves the rotary kiln The problem of high temperature of flue gas and the strong anti-corrosion property of filter media are suitable for the application of carbide slag cement kiln.

3. The lime kiln bag filter uses a special cage with protection. A cold stamping venturi protective tube is installed on the top of the head of the cage to ensure the verticality of the bag cage and protect the safety of the filter bag mouth during injection, without increasing the system resistance.

4. Good online maintenance technology. Lime Kiln Bag Dust Collector applies lift valve technology to achieve non-stop maintenance of the dust collector. The poppet valve is equipped with a protection device to avoid the failure of the dust collector due to the poppet valve problem and ensure that the operation of the rotary kiln is not affected by the dust collector.

5. Reliable PLC programmable controller technology. The PLC programmable controller provided by SIEMENS is used for control, and it has a communication interface with the system DCS, which can realize the hand/automatic control of the bag filter.

6. The lime kiln cloth bag dust collector adopts a smoke flow diversion device with a resistance flow and a diversion. This device ensures that the flue gas enters every bag room evenly. In order to ensure the rationality of the flue gas diversion device, the company uses a computer to simulate the flue gas diversion device. It is similar to a louver type, which can play a role in mechanical dust removal and has a good dust removal effect on high concentrations of flue gas. No clogging will occur. The test results show that after adjusting the air flow distribution of the precipitator can reach the superior level of the US RMS standard.
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