Standards of Pulse Jet Type Bag Filter

Pulse jet type bag filter is a kind of filter type dust collector of high-efficiency which uses high-medium-pressure pulse air to clean dust automatically and has no moving parts inside. Its characteristics are: it can maintain high dust collection efficiency and operation rate for a long time, and has high degree of automation, easy maintenance, good operating environment and slightly higher operating costs.

The main design parameters of the pulse jet type bag filter used in the tail gas treatment system of rotary kiln are as follows: the net air cloth ratio is 1m3/ (min.m2), the filter material is a typical pulse filter media – chooses the glass fiber as the base cloth covering filter material, and the upper limit of the suitable temperature is 260 degrees. At present, there are many suppliers of this product, but in addition to the slight difference of its film covering process, the essence of fiber synthesis is the same. The unit mass of the fiber material is 540 ~ 680g/ m2., and the speed of the main air flowling through the bag gap between the filter bags should be controlled in not more than 61-76m/min. The purpose of controlling this speed is to avoid the premature wear in the bag bottom angle caused by the air stream of dust; under the reverse effect of this speed, the dust from the surface of the filter bag can smoothly move down to the ash hopper, which reduces the probability of dust flying for two times, thus achieving high dust removal efficiency.

The inner wall of the filter bag is supported by cage bone and is hung by a porous plate. The upper part of the bag cage is designed with a Venturi tube, and is closely matched with the filter bag mouth. The holes on the flower plate need to tightly fit, in order to prevent the dusty gas from entering the purge chamber through the gap between the filter bag and the bag holes. The pulse jet type bag filter used in the tail gas treatment system of the rotary kiln is usually designed with walkway for repairing above the floral board in the bag room, so as to facilitate the installation, inspection and replacement of filter bags. Generally speaking, there is no need to use any special tools to replace the filter bags. SENOTAY pulse jet type bag filter will be your best choice.
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