What Are the Reasons for the "fuming" of Baghouse Dust Collector?

The baghouse dust collector "fuming" is a serious damage phenomenon. In this case, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.

1. Reasons for baghouse dust collector "fuming"

There are generally two cases of "fuming" at the air outlet of the baghouse dust collector: the first case is continuous "fuming". If the filter bag is not tightened or peeled off, the upper and lower hanging holes of the bag filter are not tightened, or the connecting plate between the upper suspension hole and the top is not tight, dust leakage will be caused. The second is that the filter bag has a sudden "fuming". In this case, although the dust bag is damaged, it is not very serious. When the filter bag is blown, "fuming" will appear immediately.

When the filter bag of the baghouse dust collector is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If the filter bag is broken, the discharge of the filter will be unqualified, which will seriously affect the environment. The current environmental protection requirements are very strict. If you are punished by the environmental protection department, you will suffer more losses.

2. How to deal with the smoke and dust in the baghouse dust collector

First, when inspecting the baghouse dust collector, you must pay attention to the welding quality of the flower plate or other isolation plates to completely isolate the two air chambers. Secondly, the baghouse dust collector should be installed in a standard way. During routine maintenance, check the installation of the cloth bag mouth one by one and seal the gap tightly. Finally, when most of the dust filter bags are damaged, they should be completely replaced (after long-term work on the filter material, the fine dust accumulated in the filter material layer will reduce the air permeability and affect the air volume of the baghouse dust collector).

During the blowing process, since the filter bag rubs against the outer surface of the dust removal frame every time it is cleaned, the baghouse dust collector dust removal filter bag will not be damaged after a certain period of use, but the inner surface of the dust removal frame is worn. During the installation process, the original parts can be staggered according to the wear marks to avoid continuous wear in the original position, thereby prolonging the service life of the baghouse dust collector.

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