P84 Filter Bags

Ⅰ. Introduction of P84 filter bags

P84 filter bag is a flame-retardant, temperature-resistant and stable fiber filter material. Under the condition of 240 ℃, the machine of P84 polyimide fiber filter material will not change, and the highest temperature can reach 260 ℃. P84 fiber filter material has no melting point temperature and is natural golden yellow. P84 polyimide fiber filter material is not a hygroscopic fiber filter material (under the condition of 65% relative humidity, about 3% water absorption).

In addition, because the P84 fiber has a special (leaf-shaped) cross-sectional structure, it has a large filtering surface area and excellent filtering performance, so P84 fiber is often implanted on the surface of the filter material (the side of the dust facing side to improve the filtering performance of the filter material. ).

Ⅱ. Several common factors for P84 filter bag damage:

1. Product quality

The processing of P84 filter bags is the most important. In recent years, some small manufacturers have used small sewing machines as processing equipment, and used inferior threads and fabrics as raw materials in the processing operations, using fake and real ones. Once such filter materials enter the dust removal market, they often open the thread after they are not used for a long time. Phenomenon such as cracks and bottom drop. Although the size of the cloth bag is slightly smaller, it can be used, but after the filter material absorbs dust particles with a larger specific gravity, the bag will fall off after a period of use.

2. Operating temperature

Accurately select the corresponding 84 filter bag suitable for the dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, if the selected P84 filter bag exceeds the normal use temperature, the filter material will be burned seriously, and the service life will be shortened. Therefore, when selecting a filter bag, it is necessary to estimate the inlet temperature of the dust collector, and select a dust filter bag with a suitable temperature.

3. Dust medium

The choice of P84 filter bag depends on the nature of the dust, so the smoke and dust components to be treated are particularly important. Select the appropriate filter material according to the nature of the dust, so that the filter bag can absorb dust normally, and it will not affect its service life.

4. Filter wind speed

Another factor that causes the P84 filter bag is that the filter wind speed of the bag filter is too high. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing the bag filter equipment, the filter wind speed should be mastered, and excessive wind speed should not be coveted, otherwise the service life of the filter bag will be shortened. This will not save costs, but also bring greater troubles, which is not desirable.

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