Do You Know the Dust Removal Methods of Baghouse Dust Collector?

Ⅰ. Introduction of baghouse dust collector

The baghouse dust collector is a widely used industrial dust collector, which can efficiently process various industrial dusts. The use of dust collector can reach the specified dust concentration emission standard. Dust removal is the main link to maintain the long-term normal operation of the baghouse dust collector. The basic requirement of dust removal is to quickly and evenly remove the deposited dust from the filter bag while maintaining a certain dust layer, so as to avoid damage to the filter bag and reduce energy consumption. The baghouse dust collector has several dust removal methods, but the specific dust removal method should be selected according to the specific dust removal conditions.

Ⅱ. Dust removal method of baghouse dust collector

1. Manually tap. As the name suggests, it refers to manually knocking each filter bag of the baghouse dust collector to shake off the dust to remove the dust on the baghouse dust collector filter bag. This method has been basically eliminated.

2. Pulse jet cleaning. The perforated plate (flower plate) used to fix the filter bag is located on the upper part of the box. There is a blow pipe above each row of filter bags. The compressed gas passes through each pulse valve in a short time through the nozzle on the blow pipe.

3. Vibration cleaning. The use of this dust removal method requires the use of mechanical equipment to vibrate or shake, which will cause the filter bag of the baghouse dust collector in the equipment to vibrate, causing dust to fall.

4. Blowback cleaning. Industrial dust removal equipment often uses a back-blowing cleaning method, which can also be called back-blowing airflow.

5. Sonic cleaning. This dust removal method mainly uses a sonic cleaner to vibrate the dust bag to achieve the purpose of dust removal. This dust cleaning method has the advantages of low power consumption and relatively small loss of dust removal equipment, but it is too expensive.

Whether the baghouse dust collector dust removal effect is good will affect the resistance of the filter bag. If the dust is not cleaned in time, the resistance of the baghouse dust collector filter bag will increase, which will affect the use of the baghouse dust collector. Therefore, in order to obtain a good cleaning effect, different cleaning methods must be selected according to different working conditions and use conditions to ensure the use of the baghouse dust collector.

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