What to Do if the Bag Type Dust Collector Process the High-temperature Smoke Dust?

Among all the flue gases that need to be treated, some are high-temperature smoke and dust. If the high temperature dust is collected into the bag type dust collector without cooling measures, bag burning will occur and the dust bag will be damaged. So how to deal with high temperature smoke and dust?

The method of bag type dust collector encountering high temperature smoke and dust

1. High-temperature coating: anti-corrosion coating of bag type dust collector for high-temperature flue gas is indispensable.   

2. Insulation method: No matter how the airflow is arranged in the ash hopper of the bag type dust collector, it is inevitable that airflow will be blocked, so the insulation method is adopted in the planning.

3. Use high temperature resistant bag type dust collector: There are many varieties of high temperature resistant fabric dust collector, which are widely used.   

4. Filter bag mouth method: When using pulse bag type dust collector to process high-temperature flue gas, it is necessary to prevent the part of the filter bag mouth from cooling and dew. The temperature of the compressed air for dust removal is relatively low, and the temperature of the flue gas to be purified is relatively high. When the compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag through the blowing pipe, the compressed air is suddenly released, and the temperature around the bag mouth drops rapidly. Due to the difference in temperature and the decrease of pressure, the higher-temperature filter bag mouth is likely to have condensation; if the compressed air quality is poor, containing water and oil, the condensation will be more serious.

5. Structural measures: In order to prevent condensation after the high temperature flue gas is cooled, the internal structure design of the bag filter should first minimize the area where the gas is blocked. The dust bag enters from the lower part of the box body according to the arrangement, and the outlet is arranged at the upper part of the box body on the same side of the inlet.

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