How Should Screw Conveyor System be Maintained in Different Seasons?

Protective measures of screw conveyor system vary in different seasons. According to this reason, I, as a machinist of SENOTAY, have made a summary:

(1) Technical measures for the construction of the dry season
Pay attention to electrical safety, and check all construction power systems before the dry season arrives in order to ensure excellent insulation for transmission lines.

The flood control measures should be drawn up, such as setting up open ditch drainages at both ends of the construction site and the journey, so that the rainwater can be discharged out of the field in time. Keep dredging ditches to prevent the construction site water be waterlogged.

Choose a reliable rainproof method for the material storeroom.

Welding is not allowed when the relative humidity of air is greater than 90%.

(2) Technical measures against lightning and hurricanes

We should pay attention to the changes in climate and take preventive measures in advance.

No lifting work is permitted when the wind reached Force 5 and above.

Before the hurricane comes, reinforcement methods should be adopted for temporary equipment and equipment.

(3) Technical measures for winter construction
Arrange training for construction persons to help them grasp winter construction plans, methods, quality standards and operation essentials.

Anti-skidding work is essential for winter construction. There should be a reliable anti-skidding method for the transport of the slope and the field on the scaffold. In addition to cleaning the frost and snow in time, it is helpful to use sprinkled ash, sawdust and sand to prevent skidding.

Anti-freezing method should be selected for machinery and equipment to prevent frostbite damage. Lubricating oil and fuel of vehicles and machinery should be replaced according to the climatic conditions in winter. Mechanical equipment and vehicles should be filled with antifreeze according to their application requirements. The tightness of the system should be carefully checked before filling. Different types of antifreeze can not be mixed.

Strengthen methods of winter construction, and make clear and definite the content and responsibility of winter construction work. Define responsibility of the staff at all levels. Ensure that every process is arranged according to standards, procedures and technical methods.

Welding work should be sheltered from wind, rain and snow. The relative humidity is not higher than 90%.

We should conscientiously implement the principles of quality and safety inspection to ensure the quality and safety of construction in winter. When screw conveyor system gets a basic reexamination, the basic standard of the driving equipment and the main engine of screw conveyor system should be in accordance with the basic drawings of screw conveyor system and the basic equipment drawings provided by the manufacturers.

When the main cases of screw conveyor system are divided into sections, the adjacent main cases are connected sequentially. Pay attention to the sealing of the joint and the straightness of the case of screw conveyor system. When the screw conveyor system is assembled in sections, the shaft head coupling between the screw should be connected in order to ensure the straightness of the whole screw.

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