2018 Bag Type Dust Removal Exhibition: Efficient Dust Removal Bag Filter Can Be Expected

Efficient dust removal equipment lighting confidence in pollution control

2018 The 10th China (Beijing) International Bag Dust Collection Technology and Equipment Exhibition were held in the National Conference Center on April 2-4, 2018! The exhibition fully demonstrated the new technology, new materials, and new technologies of bag type dust removal processing materials such as bag filter, bag dust removal high-temperature filter bag, etc. We warmly welcome people from the industry to participate in the exhibition!
[2018 Bag Dust Collection Exhibition]The bag filter is a high-efficiency dust removal equipment for air pollution control, and it is also a "weapon" for environmental governance in China in recent years. As the formulation and revision of international pollution control standards have become increasingly stringent and environmental issues have attracted much attention, the "cake" of bag filter has been growing and the development of the industry can be expected in the future.


Dust removal equipment into environmental governance "weapons"

Bag filter is a high-efficiency dust removal equipment for air pollution control. It is also a "weapon" for environmental governance in China in recent years.

The bag filter can separate the dust and other contaminants from the gas through the filter material. When the dust passes through the filter screen, it is screened and adhered due to the filtering effect of the filter screen, and is captured by the filter by inertia and static electricity. With the constant use of dust collectors, the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter results in a smaller and smaller pore, so that more fine dust can be captured, so that the dust collector has a better dust removal effect, sharing the burden of waste gas treatment.

Dust collectors play an important role in purifying the air, and they also attract new development opportunities in the light of environmental concerns.

According to statistics, in 2000, the output value of bag filter in China was only 1.77 billion yuan, and bag-type dust removal continued to progress and develop. By 2013, the total output value of the bag-type dust removal industry reached 14.085 billion yuan, and its market share was also growing.

Bag filter industry can be expected in the future

At present, the forms of environmental protection in our country are still severe, and the corresponding emission indicators are continuously tightening; further restrictions on the emission of dust and dust are obviously an important part of environmental protection policies.

At the same time, the latest report released by the China Bag Dust Collector Committee shows that the current status of bag filter in China is 95% for steel, 70% for cement, 90% for aluminum, 70% for colored, and 100% for garbage incineration. 10% of thermal power plants; bag filter in cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, electricity, machinery, chemicals, municipal and other industries are expanding.

Coincidentally, in order to meet the requirements of the "Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for the Cement Industry" starting from July 1, this year, a large number of cement plants need to upgrade their environmental protection facilities. It is estimated that the cement industry will invest 10 billion yuan to implement the new standard and increase annual operating expenses by 5.4 billion yuan. The analyst believes that the dust collector and related products of filtration equipment used in the industrial sector to reduce dust and dust emissions will have a bright future. Broad, bag-type dust removal industry will usher in a great opportunity for development.

The bag filter has a history of more than one hundred years. Its main advantage is that the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.99%, the emission concentration can reach below 10mg/m3, and the classification efficiency is also very high. There are also very fine particles below 2.5μm. Good capture efficiency. With the development and revision of international pollution control standards becoming increasingly stringent, the development of the bag filter industry can be expected in the future.
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