Flumet High Temperature Dust Collector Bag

Flumet High Temperature Dust Collector Bag
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Flumet High-Temperature Dust Collector Bag description:

Material: composite fiber

Common industries and conditions: steel, smelting and other industries clean blast furnace gas, flue gas filtration. Has good heat resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion effect, small gas filtration resistance.

Note: high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion, dimensional stability, high strength.

Material: Composite fiber
Weight 800m²
thickness 2.5mm
Air permeability >9-12m³/m²·min
Longitudinal pull >1800N/5×20cm
Latitudinal tension >1800N/5×20cm
Longitudinal extension <10℅
Zonal elongation <10%
Operating temperature 240℃
Post-processing PTFE
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